About Take a Chef.

Tired of the constant hassle of food preparation or food choices? Making an order for dishes? Don't want to waste your time on household chores? Everything can be simplified with one correct solution - use the services of the Take a Chef service. Prepared individually for you by the Chef in the comfort of your own home. Then he leaves the kitchen impeccable, the equipment clean, and the refrigerator filled with dishes for 3-5 days for the whole family. This is just one visit of the Chief to you. All that remains for you is to relax and enjoy.

How Take a Chef works.

You choose dishes on the site, from the entire varied menu. To confirm the order and clarify it, the manager will contact you, with whom you can discuss any questions. After that, you make payment for the service and prepayment for the products. And then relaxation and pleasure begins. At the agreed time, the Chef arrives in a professional uniform and with his own equipment for preparing special dishes, working according to all the rules of a professional kitchen. You just need to meet him first and introduce him to your kitchen. As a result of using our service, you get full, varied dishes for 3-5 days in just one visit of the chef to your home.

How to personalize your menu?

Each dish will be personalized according to your preferences and needs. Choose from your favorite meals, personalize each menu based on what you like and what you don't, and talk to our chefs about your dietary needs! Or use the service of our nutritionist. Everything will be taken care of.

About the cost of products for the Chef service for the day.

Food is not included in the price and must be paid directly to the chef. Your preferences may vary depending on the service. You pay only for the cost of the products. You always receive a receipt for every purchase.

About the cost of food for a gastronomic dinner.

The cost of products is fully included in the price. Your chef will personally take care of the selection of the finest ingredients from trusted local suppliers

About drinks for a gastronomic dinner and a buffet table.

Drinks are not included in the price, however you can use the sommelier service for a separate payment. Order a list of drinks, get a recommendation from a professional, he will be happy to suggest a combination of wines for the menu, buy and deliver wine.

How to contact Take a Chef?

You can contact us by e-mail, at takeachef.ua@gmail.com, by mobile phone or Telegram at +38 067-505-17-17. Our management team will be more than happy to help you!

How long does the job of a chef take?

The chef's time in your kitchen depends on the selected dishes and their quantity. Our chefs usually spend 3-4 hours preparing 5-7 dishes.

Де і як купуємо продукти?

Продукти для приготування страв ми купуємо в магазинах великих мереж, що реалізують продукцію з гарантованою якістю та можливістю вибору з багатьох пропозицій. Ми обираємо партнерів, які цінують свою репутацію.